101 (Thoughtful) Ways To Show Respect To Your Husband

I’m sharing my entire list of ways to show respect to your husband. The list could be endless, however, I’ve come up with 101 ways to appreciate the man in your life and show him you care.

You might be asking yourself “why should I respect my husband”? If you decided to marry him, chances are you did so because you love and respect him.

Have you ever heard the phrase “women need love, men need respect”?  After nearly 50 years of marriage I can state without hesitation that both husband and wife need both; just in different amounts!

The catch might be that as a wife I demonstrate my love for my husband by openly respecting him.

In a marriage, especially one that has lasted a long time, we might lose focus on respecting and appreciating our husband.  Sometimes we concentrate on the negative things. If you’re stuck on the negative, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

In order to respect our husband, we need to practice being mindful of all the great things about him.

It takes mental effort to think and act respectfully and if we take steps to practice respect, it should make our own day more enjoyable also – after all, thinking negatively or positively will usually put us in a similar mood.

Read through the following list of the best ways to show respect to your husband and let us know if we missed any!

Why Should We Respect Our Husband

Although this article specifically addresses respecting a husband, it’s just as relevant for giving respect to wives, children, parents, and friends.

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There is a saying “respect is earned, not given” and it’s absolutely true. We often mix up what it means to give respect with words like “polite” or “courteous”.

While everyone deserves to be treated politely, with courtesy, respect is something that is earned over time and those closest to us usually earn our respect.

If you decided to get married, chances are you did so because you respect your husband. After all, you probably wouldn’t marry someone you don’t respect.

Even though you respect your husband, marriage isn’t always easy. A marriage takes effort and practicing respect is hard work. There is a mental aspect of understanding how to give respect, and there is the physical aspect that requires action (read my article about the best Christian marriage retreats).

Both sides of a marriage should practice respect.

101 Best Ways To Show Respect To Your Man

1. Greet him when you see him (acknowledgment)

2. Say “please” and “thank you” (be polite)

3. Remind him of appointments and the family schedule

4. Help make doctor and dentist appointments

5. Make his favorite dinner

6. Invite him for a walk

7. Plan a picnic

8. Go golfing together

9. Plan a surprise get-away

10. Do one of his chores for him

11. Tell him what you admire about him

12. Appreciate his (and your) children

13. Be kind to his family (the in-laws)

14. Fill up the car’s gas tank

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15. Plan a day around something he enjoys

16. Tell him he is a man of character

17. Teach him something new

18. Let him win at a board game once in a while

19. Ask him about his day

20. Write him a note he will see at work

21. Give him a massage

22. Give him a haircut

23. Make eye contact when he talks

24. Pray with him

25. Share what you admire about him

26. Be positive towards him

27. Focus on his positive traits

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28. Try to be conscious of complaining (and he should do the same)

29. Ask him if he needs help

30. Give him space to be independent

31. Plan a day for him and the kids

32. Take him to a movie date

33. Give him a compliment

34. Wear his favorite dress

35. Be patient when he annoys you

36. Make time to learn about his friends

37. Give him time to hang out with his friends

38. Let him know when you’re wrong

39. Take a personality test together to know each other more

40. Keep a budget for the family

41. Let him know where money is being spent on the family

42. Help with his laundry

43. Take an interest in his work

44. Brainstorm ways to solve problems at work

45. Remind him to have a work-life balance

46. Establish a “date night” each week or month

47. Ask him to hold you accountable

48. Tell him your struggles

49. Ask him for his opinion

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50. Tell him a secret that no one knows

51. Keep his secrets and build trust with him

52. Turn off the television and talk more often

53. Ask new questions to learn about each other

54. Ask him about his goals and how you can support him

55. Remind him of his priorities (don’t nag)

56. Tell him you love him

57. Control your temper when he makes you upset

58. Invite him to one of your favorite activities

59. Don’t gossip about him or others

60. Speak highly of him around others

61. Point out his best characteristics (give him confidence)

62. Write him letters

63. Let him know you admire his work ethic

64. Tell him he is good with kids (if he truly is)

65. Surprise him with a small gift

66. Restock the fridge with drinks or the freezer with ice cream

67. Make him breakfast in bed

68. Record the game that he missed due to work

69. Send him a text at work, just to say “hi”

70. Send him a gift basket at work

71. Have his car detailed

72. Find that new tool he always talks about

73. When he is wrong, let him know gently

74. Tell his children what a great father they have

75. Remember his birthday and other special days

76. Tell him you respect him, and why

77. Help him clean up a mess he made

78. Work on projects together

79. Provide encouragement when he doubts himself

80. Reassure him when he is making a tough decision

81. Find a book that he can read to improve himself

82. Work on yourself to be more respectful to others (including him)

83. Show your love to him

84. Give him a hug

85. Communicate when things aren’t right (don’t hold feelings in)

86. Be transparent with your thoughts and daily activities

87. Let him know where you’re going when you leave the house

88. Accept that your husband isn’t perfect

89. Think before speaking (make sure you say it in a respectful way)

90. Consider how your tone will be interpreted when talking with him

91. Prepare a bubble bath for him

92. Write a journal of all the great things he has done and share it with him

93. Eat healthy (a healthy diet is better for mental and physical health)

94. Learn a new skill and share it with him

95. Laugh at his bad jokes

96. Smile more than frown when you’re around him

97. Help him with his style (clothing etc.)

98. Open a door for him

99. Let him try something new before you

100. Offer your favorite dessert to him first

101. Let him watch his favorite show before you watch yours

What If You Don’t Respect Your Husband?

You may be asking yourself, “how can I show respect to my husband when I really don’t respect him?” For one reason or another, you may have lost respect for him. It could be something he did, or it could be that you’ve fallen out of love with him over time.

As long as you are married, a certain amount of respect should be given. Looking at the positives someone brings to a marriage makes living with them much easier.

Don’t worry, it’s normal to focus on the negative characteristics of someone and overlook all the positive things that spouses do.

Introspection is key to understand how you can better respect your husband. If the negatives are too much (for example domestic abuse or alcoholism) then it might be a good idea to get therapy or reconsider why you are married.

I’d guess that most relationships that aren’t showing respect have more to do with the effort that both spouses are putting into the relationship – and that’s why being mindful of each other and putting forth the effort to respect one another can really improve a marriage.

Tips For Building A Trusting Relationship With Your Husband

  • Listen first
  • Give each other space
  • Consider how you talk to each other
  • Consider your faith or what you stand for
  • Find common interests
  • Give more than receive (only works if both sides are making an effort)
  • Read (self improve)


Do you need to refocus your marriage on what’s really important? Showing respect to your husband is a thoughtful and unselfish way to appreciate him. If he’s like most husbands, he has his qualities and a few faults (or more than a few).

Often, we get caught up in the negative things our loved one does. This can be detrimental to a marriage and have negative implications on our mental health.

Practicing respect and doing small things to show you care can improve a marriage and make everyone happier.

My list of ways to give your husband respect offers over 100 options to show respect. Some actions are small and simple, while others on the list may take more time to plan or cost more money.

Showing your husband respect doesn’t have to be expensive. One of the nicest gifts I ever gave my husband was a handmade card in which I listed all the ways he had been a wonderful husband and a great dad through the years.

A picnic or a walk in the park if free and they both provide great scenery and fresh air.

A little exercise outdoors can be a big stress relief after a hard day’s work. Hopefully a few of these “showing respect ideas” can help you better appreciate your husband.

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