73 Things To Pray For (A Pray List For Everyone)

Have you ever wanted to pray but couldn’t think of things to pray for? I’ve compiled a pray list that can help you. There are many people who are beginning their walk with God and want to pray, but they don’t know where to start.

You’ll be happy to know there are many things to pray for!

We often stick to praying for daily tasks (like a job interview, good sleep, or an important exam). However, it’s important to remember that the best prayers aren’t always about us.

Praying for others can be a powerful way to help our community. We can also pray for schools, countries, oceans, and animals.

Prayer is powerful so don’t limit who or what you pray for. Below, you’ll find our best ideas for things to pray for. Use it as a pray list and let us know if you have additional ideas!

Prayer List For Ourselves and Others

Prayer is a wonderful experience. It’s a deeply personal discussion with God and something Christians are expected to do each day.

Prayer offers a chance to reflect on our daily lives and share information with God that we might be hesitant to share with others.

Most people think of prayer as a chance to ask God for something or to tell Him our problems. While this is normal and acceptable (God listens to all our prayers), there are so many other things we can pray for (learn my PRAY method for prayers).

We can pray for family, friends, and work colleagues. We can pray for leaders, countries, and the Earth. The list of prayer topics is endless!

When we pray to God, we tend to learn more about ourselves. First and foremost, prayer should focus on God. In doing so, we can strengthen our faith.

Things To Pray For: Have A Prayer Strategy

The structure and content of a prayer is up to you, however, there are several popular methods. I prefer to use the ACTS prayer method and I’ll explain that below (kids might better understand the Five Finger Prayer).

The ACTS prayer method is simple and uses traditional prayer principles such as praise, confession, and thanks. All to often we focus our prayers on ourselves, but the prompts in the ACTS prayer method reminds us to appreciate God as well.

In the list below, I’ll share a little about how I pray and why I recommend a prayer similar to the ACTS method.

  • Adoration

Praise and appreciate God’s creation and blessings. This is similar to bowing before Him or approaching Him in humility.

  • Confession

Confess your shortcomings. We are weak without Him and if we acknowledge our challenges God can help us.

  • Thanksgiving

Thank God in good times and in tough times. It’s easy to thank God when life is going according to plan, but we should do our best to see the light in dark times as well.

Find God’s blessings in everything we do and let Him know.

  • Supplication

Supplication is an opportunity to pray for yourself and others. Pray for your family, those in your community, and for current events.

What To Pray For – A Pray List With 73 Ideas

1. Give Thanks To God

One thing that should be at the top of our pray list is to give “thanks” with God. God loves to hear us praise and thank Him for the wonderful things He has done – not only in our life but in the world.

2. Safe Travel

Most people travel everyday. It could be to and from work or for travel on a vacation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling by bicycle, car, or plane, pray for safe travel.

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3. Physical and Mental Health

Your physical and mental health is important. Physical strength will help you complete daily tasks and improve your well-being. Mental health will keep you sharp and sane.

4. Wisdom

God’s wisdom is paramount. Ask Him to share wisdom with you so you can live more Christ-like.

5. Daily Decision Making

Each day we make decisions that will influence our future. Some decisions are small, such as what you will eat. Other decisions, like accepting a job offer, will have a major impact on our life. Ask God to help you with your decision-making ability.

6. For Marriage

Are you married or considering marriage? The add marriage to your pray list. Every relationship will go through tribulations. Learn what God tells us about marriage and pray for guidance.

7. Our Children

If you have them, your children are probably the most important people in your life. Children are influenced by everything around them. Ask God to help keep your children on the right track.

8. Parents

Children can also pray for their parents. Our parents raised us, but we should also help them as they become older. Pray for your parents, their marriage, and their health as they age

9. The Future

Concerned about your future? It’s normal to worry about the unknown and where we will be in 10 years. But God can help put our mind at ease. Pray to give God control of your future and focus on the present.

10. Girlfriend/Boyfriend

If you have a significant other you might be thinking about taking the next step. Ask God to give you wisdom to make the right decision. Compliment your prayer by reading Scripture about marriage.

11. Our Pet

It may sound strange but we can pray about our pets! For many of us, our pets are part of the family. Pray for your pet and ask God how you can be a better leader for your dog or cat.

12. School or Specific Classes

School is usually enjoyable, but it can also be stressful and challenging.  Praise God in prayer when things are going well and when they are tough. If you’re having a tough time in a particular class, ask God for understanding.

If you’re struggling with the social aspects of school, ask God for help with being yourself.

13. Work Relationships

At work we come into contact with people from various backgrounds. We won’t always understand each other’s perspectives and we may disagree.

Interpersonal skills and good communication can help us to work well with those who have unique personalities. If you’re encountering tough situations at work, give it to God in prayer.

14. Promotion Opportunities

Life can feel overwhelming when we are trying to work hard and pay the bills. We work hard and we want to take good care of our family, so we look for opportunities to move up the ladder at work. In prayer, ask God to present opportunities to grow as an worker.

15. Life Opportunities

Outside of work there are so many opportunities. It could be through church or social events. Ask God to bless you with ways to grow.

16. Job Application

I’ve written hundreds of job applications in my life – and most I never heard back from. If you’ve submitted a job application don’t wait around and worry. Pray over that job application and allow God to put you at ease.

17. Patience with Others

Even the most patient people lose their patience sometimes. Patience is a Christ-like quality to have and when you have it, there’s very little that can bother you.

God can give us patience in every situation.

18. Friends

Praying for others is selfless and a great habit to learn. Our friends, whether believers or not, need our prayers. You don’t need to tell them you are praying for them, just pray.

19. Sports and Teammates

If you’re an athlete you love the sport you play and you probably like your teammates. You spend a lot of time practicing and getting to know your teammates, so why not pray for them!

20. Brothers and Sisters

Siblings are a big part of our lives, especially as children. Because you grew up together, you probably know a lot about them. Pray for them and ask God to watch over them.

21. Boss (leadership)

You might have a good boss or a boss you don’t get along with. Either way, pray that God gives them the leadership and decision-making skills to keep your business moving in the right direction.

22. Community Leaders (Mayor and City Council)

Community leaders can do great things or they can bring corruption. Pray for them and watch God work in their lives. Don’t forget to praise God for the great leaders in your community.

23. Pastor

Pastors are used to praying for others, but how often do you pray for your pastor? One of the nicest things you can do for your church leadership is to pray for them.

Pray to give your pastor strength and wisdom.

24. Coach

Coaches have a big influence over athletes. Don’t forget there are coaches in other facets of life too (business, music, personal growth). Pray for your coach and ask God to increase their positive impact on others.

25. Teachers

Student often look up to their teachers with the expectation they know everything. However, teachers struggle at times and a prayer can go a long way. The better your teacher is the more you will learn.

26. The Weather (rain, drought, flooding)

How is your weather today? Is your region experiencing drought or flooding? Pray for the weather that is needed in your area, or just pray for a beautiful day (God’s provides a lot of these).

27. Your Country

Do you appreciate all your country has done for you? Maybe you’re worried about the direction it’s headed. Share your thoughts with God in prayer and pray for your country.

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28. Other Countries

With air travel ever-popular, the world has become a much smaller place. Each country has their own blessings and challenges. Praying about another country is a great way to learn about the world and God can broaden your perspective.

29. National Politics

Politics are always a sensitive issue. You might not feel comfortable talking politics with family or friends, but God is open to talk about anything. Through prayer, share your thoughts and concerns with Him.

30. World Politics

World politics are much like national politics. They can be complex and frustrating. Unfortunately we rarely hear about all the positive things happening in the world. Praying for world politics might take a long time – it’s complex! But God will always listen and He can influence change.

31. War

War is a difficult topic to discuss and it’s hard to make sense of. Ask God to be with the leaders of countries at war and allow them to lay down their weapons peacefully, for the good of all.

32. Catastrophes

There are catastrophes everywhere in the world. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and famine. Lives are lost and communities are destroyed. A prayer can help those affected by a catastrophe and help inspire others to overcome their loss.

33. Animals (extinction)

We’ve already mentioned that you can pray for your pet, but why stop your pray list there? Pray for animals both wild and domestic.

Many species of animals are losing their habitat. Pray that we can protect them.

34. Deforestation

In some countries, there are few protections for forests. Illegal harvest can damage land and destroy God’s natural beauty.

Pray that governors implement strategies that allow people to flourish without having to cut large areas of forest.

35. Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are some of God’s most beautiful creation. Due to pollution and warming ocean temperatures, many reefs are dying. God can help! Ask Him to provide us with the wisdom to make changes and develop new methods to conserve our coral reefs.

36. Marine Life

Similar to coral, marine life are facing greater threats due to a growing population. Pray to God and ask for wisdom to be a good steward of life in the sea.

37. Financial Management

Personal finance is a sensitive topic to discuss and many people face challenges when dealing with money. If you, family, or friends have challenges, ask God to present opportunities to learn.

38. President

Christians can pray for anyone, so why not pray for the president? Pray that the president can make good decisions for the good of the people and not in his own interests.

39. The Elderly

As I child, my mother used to take us to retirement homes to visit with the elderly and sick. Many of these people didn’t have family and spend a lot of time alone. Ask God to give the elderly good health, peace, and contentment.

40. Cure for Diseases

Medicine has come a long way in the past hundred years, however, there are still diseases that we can’t cure. Even if you don’t like their prices, drug companies employ bright people who discover cures to disease – God creates bright people every day so add this to your pray list.

41. Salvation

If you’re just learning to pray, pray for salvation. God can rescue you from the depths of despair and He Is our redeemer. Pray to ask God for help and he will answer.

42. Forgiveness

We all need forgiveness. We make mistakes each day, whether it’s disobeying God or mistreating a family member.

Kneel before God and pray for forgiveness. Allow Him to take the weight of your shoulders.

43. Peace

Stress affects us all. Often, we don’t even realize how it affects our health and relationships. Pray to God, ask for peace from stress and anxiety.

44. Friend with a Newborn

The arrival of a newborn is an exciting time. If someone you know has recently had a baby, pray for them – they’ll need it. God knows that having a newborn is a big responsibility and He can help.

45. Corruption

If you’ve ever been around corruption, you know that it can spread like cancer. It’s devastating in all walks of life. If you’ve witness corruption in school, business, or government, pray to God for guidance.

46. Trust God

Even Christians with the strongest faith can struggle with trusting God. When you trust Him, you understand that God is in control – although you still need to work hard! Ask God to instill more trust in you.

47. Small Group

Do you lead a small group at church, or do you lead a book club? Pray for the members of your group and ask God to strengthen each member.

48. Church Congregation

Your church congregation is an important part of your development as a Christian. Pray for members of your church. Iron sharpens iron!

49. Homeless Community

Homelessness affects almost all communities. There are programs and services for homeless people, but I wonder how many people actually pray for the homeless.

Pray for the homeless and ask God to help get them back on their feet.

50. Sunday School

Sunday school is a popular activity for young Christians. You can pray for Sunday School, for leadership and for students.

51. Neighbors

Depending on your community, you may know your neighbors or not. You don’t have to know them well to pray for them. A community should look out for one another and a prayer is a thoughtful gesture.

52. Your Garden

A summer garden is a wonderful way to appreciate God’s blessings. He provides us with food and nourishment. Pray for your garden and for the future harvest!

53. Planning A Trip

Are you planning a trip in the future? Pray about it and pray for your future flight and safety in foreign city.

54. Assertiveness

Some of us struggle with not being assertive enough (or being too assertive). Pray that God gives you the right amount as a Christian so you can lead others and make important decisions.

55. Organization

Look around your home. Are you well organized? What areas can you improve. If you lack organization talk about it with God and work with Him to become better organized.

56. Pollution

Pollution appears to be everywhere. We see in on the side of the highway, in or lakes and rivers, and in the air we breathe. Pray for wisdom to teach others the importance of reducing pollution.

57. Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away

If you have friends and family who have passed away, pray for them. Sure, they are already in heaven but that doesn’t mean you can’t remember them and talk to God about them.

58. God’s Vision

Do you want better vision? No, we’re not talking about 20/20 vision. We’re talking about insight, intuition, and the ability to think ahead.

God knows all things and He has a vision for our lives. Pray to Him and ask to better understand His vision for us.

59. Positive Influence For Others

Do you want to influence others and be a positive ambassador for God? Pray for the ability to positively influence others so they may see God’s grace.

60. The Unsaved

Pray for family, friends, and colleagues that aren’t Christians. Then think of ways to invite them to church. Watch God answer your prayers.

61. Police

Police help protect our communities and ensure that the law is followed. They put themselves at risk every day and their families worry about them. Pray for the police and pray that the police adhere to the law and resist corruption.

62. Firemen

Firemen also put their lives on the line every day. They enter building while others exit. Pray that God watches over them and pray for their families.

63. Justice System

The justice system works well when the law is upheld. Personal agendas should not be a part of the justice system. Pray that God keeps the justice system upright and honest.

64. Faith’s Role In Society

There are many countries that were founded on Christian principles and values. Pray that God upholds those values in society and that religion prevails.

65. Empathy

It’s easy to understand how we feel but it’s not so easy to practice empathy. Understanding how others feel is something that must be practiced. Pray that God provides you with empathy so you can better help others.

66. Commitment

At one time or another, everyone has started something and stopped. We lose interest or we feel like we’re not making progress. Commitment is a major part of life success.

If you struggle with commitment, whether it be work, new skills, or relationships, pray that God helps you with your commitment.

67. Consistency

Consistency is a great skill to have in all facets of life. Consistent people are reliable and are usually effective at whatever they set their mind to. We can all work on our consistency and begin with a prayer.

68. Guilt

Many people struggle with guilt. Guilt weighs us down and it’s not something that God wants us to experience. Through prayer, God can help relieve us of our guilt.

69. Your Church

Praying for your church goes without saying. It’s your place of refuge and a place where you build your faith in God. Pray for the congregation and that it increases and unites under a common goal.

70. Prayer for Addiction

So many people in the world suffer from addiction. Whether it be drugs or alcohol or even sugar and caffeine. Pray for those who want to stop their addiction and pray for others who need to stop their addiction. It can be the difference between live and death – God can help.

71. Prayer for Drivers

Thousands of driving accidents occur each day. Pray for the safety of those on the road, there are commuters and long haul truckers. There are kids driving to school and families going on vacation.

Pray for people to stay calm and avoid road rage. Pray for people to not look at their phone and focus on the road.

72. For Those Fighting Depression

Many people struggle with depression. It could be from a bad home life, or work life. It could be because of sickness or loneliness. We tell ourselves to span out of it, or be positive, but depression is not easy to overcome.

Some people fight depression for their entire life. Let’s pray for the people who struggle with depression all over the world and in our communities.

73. For Good Decision Making

Have you ever made a bad decision? I think we all have. Good decisions require a stable mind and the ability to think a situation through.

It’s said that a few bad decisions in our early life can affect us the rest of our lives. It may be the decision to hang out with a certain person, or to succumb to peer pressure and try an illegal drug. Let’s pray for good decision-making and wisdom.


As you can see, there are so many things to pray for. Our pray list is just the beginning so make a list of your own ideas as well.

There are major themes throughout this list and they include prayer for:

  • Yourself,
  • Others,
  • Your community,
  • Your country,
  • The world

You can pray for personal characteristics and feelings, for mentors, as well as for people who are no longer with us. Prayer is essential a conversation with God, so the possibilities are endless.

Remember if you’re thinking of things to pray for you don’t always have to ask for something. Praising and thanking God is a great way to pray as well and He appreciates your adoration.