Travel Prayer Tips (10 Prayers For Safe Travel & Flight)

A prayer for safe travel allows us to talk to God and it can give us peace of mind. There’s something about sharing our thoughts with God that puts us at ease.

If you feel anxious and stressed, or if you’re worried about your health, family, and safety, read through our travel prayer tips and find the right prayer that fits your need.  If you can come up with a prayer of your own it’s even better, however, we’ve provided several options to help get you talking to God, including a catholic prayer for travel.

We all know that travelling can wear us out. It’s exhausting! Prayers for travelling should include praise for God, confession of our shortfalls (in this case our worry regarding flying), and it will usually include blessings for ourselves and others.

God loves to listen to our prayers, but don’t just focus on yourself. Thank God for the opportunity to fly as well – because so people actually receive the opportunity to fly!

Safe Travel and Flights: Why Prayer Can Help

Have you ever traveled an felt anxiety? Have you ever experienced stress? Have you ever become sick after traveling?

If you’re honest with yourself, you probably answered “yes” to all of these questions. Traveling, especially flying, can be stressful and even if you aren’t frightened of flying there are so many other aspects of travel that are stressful.

Stress, anxiety, and health concerns are always a factor in traveling. There are so many hoops to jump through just to board a plane. There is traffic in getting to and from the airport. Then there are security checks – nobody likes long lines and people going through their bags.

Once you get to the gate there are more lines and possibly weather delays.  By the time you board the plane you are worn out!

Onboard the plane you may be sitting next to someone who is ill. Airlines always mentioned that they provide very clean air, however, with so many people sitting in close proximity, there are bound to be many germs in the air.

How can prayer help?

Prayer allows us to talk directly to God. It allows us to share our thoughts, praises, and fears with Him and He doesn’t judge us.

Often, our prayers help us because we acknowledge our inadequacies and ask for help. Understanding our struggles also helps us realize all the wonderful things God is doing in our lives (things are rarely as bad as we think).

People with strong faith pray every day. We thank God in good and bad times and we ask for wisdom. Our prayers can help when we travel because we acknowledge the challenges that come with travel and we can prepare for them (also ready my article on Example Blessing Prayers).

Why keep all the stress and anxiety inside, when God is ready to take it from us!

Travel Prayer Tips

  • Thank God First

If you are praying for safe travel always start your prayer with “thanks”! God is active in our lives whether we acknowledge Him or not, but He loves to hear our praise (through prayer, singing, or other areas of worship).

Starting a prayer with “thanks” also helps set the tone for the prayer. A prayer is give-and-take, so we shouldn’t only come to God when we want something (although you can pray about anything, anytime).

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  • Explain Your Situation (Confess Your Shortcomings)

If we are praying for health, safety, and stress during travel we are telling God that we can’t do it alone. We need His help and it’s important to tell God that we need Him. God is always there for us and willing to listen and to help!

If you know your family with experience challenges during travel, tell God your worries and He will provide.

  • Ask For Guidance

Once you’ve shared your shortcomings, ask for guidance. God will provide guidance even if you don’t hear Him. You will see His work in you and He can make your trip more enjoyable.

Knowing that God is beside you during travel will put your mind and body at ease, not to mention it will help relax others on your flight.

  • Focus On Others

It’s often the case in prayers that we focus on ourselves. After all, who doesn’t want to talk about themselves.

Once we begin thinking about others, we often stop worrying about what we are experiencing. In your prayer it’s helpful to ask God to provide perspective and to provide you with the opportunity to help others.

It’s helpful for us and helpful to other travelers.

  • Thank God Again

Lastly, always end a prayer for travel with additional “thanks” to God. The fact that you are traveling is a blessing from God because so few people are able to visit other places.

Thank God for your opportunities even though you might feel anxiety about traveling.

10 Best Prayers For Traveling (Safety, Protection, Anxiety, Catholic)

1. Travel Prayer For Flight

Dear Father,

Thank you for blessing us with another beautiful day. We are lucky to travel and experience Your amazing creation. Today I will appreciate the vast sky which you’ve created. I will also appreciate the creativity that You provided us to create a airplane that travels through the sky.

We use your creation to explore the world and visit family who are far away.

I am hesitant to fly and I pray that you bless this flight as we travel. Be with the pilots and be with the passengers. Keep us calm and safe and allow us to arrive to our destination safely.

Allow me to remain calm and to focus on others during the flight. I can be an inspiration to others during a time that is usually stressful for all.

In Your Name,


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2. Prayer For A Safe Flight

Dear God,

I come before You to humbly ask you to watch over the passengers on this flight. I have the opportunity to travel today and so many people in this world will never have the chance to travel. You have blessed my life!

I pray that you watch over this aircraft and keep it mechanically sound during out flight. Be with the mechanics who work on the plane and give them extra attention to detail as the maintain the aircraft.

Be with the pilots and provide them with the wisdom to make the correct decisions onboard the aircraft.

Lastly, be with the passengers and flight attendants. Give us peace while on board and give us patience. Protect our health.

Thank You for Your guidance,


3. Travel Prayer For Anxiety


As I prepare to travel I come before you to share the anxiety that I feel. You know everything and understand how I feel.

I ask that You put my mind at ease and trust You to reach my destination. Like so many others, I always feel uneasy about flying. I know there are experienced pilots who are well-trained. I also know that You are always watching over us.

Give me peace of mind on this flight and provide me with the confidence to trust that I will reach my destination safely. If I put my trust in You, I have no need to fear.

4. Travel Prayer For Family

Father in Heaven,

I come before You to say thank you. You have blessed me with a beautiful family and our situation has allowed us to travel. You have given us so many reasons to be grateful.

Today we will travel as a family. I pray that you watch over all of us. Not only us but everyone on the plane.

Provide my children with peace and patience onboard because I know it will not be easy for them to remain seated for so long. Give the flight attendants patience with my family as well.

If it is your will allow the flight to depart on schedule and provide us with wonderful weather. Whether or not we have good weather or depart on time, I know You will help us reach our destination safely. Rather than a stressful day of traveling, give our family the perspective to enjoy this day of travel.

In Your Name,


5. Travel Prayer For Children

Dear God,

Today my children will travel. I thank you for providing opportunities for them to see the world. I have taught them to walk with You and I have taught them to trust you.

Be with my children as they travel and be with the others on their flight. Give them patience and allow them to relax during their flight (read my article about table topic discussions for families).

Be with the mechanics and pilots as they prepare and fly the plane. Give them the wisdom to make sound decisions on behalf of their passengers.

6. Travel Prayer For Pets

Dear Lord,

I come before You today to say “thank you” for all you have done for me and my family. This includes my pet who I love dearly.

You are well aware the struggles that so many people have when flying. There is stress and anxiety that most of us experience and we come to You to ask for peace.

My pet cannot understand the concept of travel and I am not able to communicate with them. Be with my pet and give them peace during the flight. They might be in a crate or they may be kept in a bag. Allow them to rest in whatever method they are on the plane.

7. Catholic Prayer For Safe Travel

Saint Christopher is known as the Patron Saint of travelers and this prayer is to God, through St. Christopher. The prayer has a rhyming scheme that asks God for protection along the way. It’s versatile, so it can be used for air travel, or for travel by land. It’s a beautiful prayer to remember for every trip you take.

Dear Saint Christopher,
Protect me today,
in all my travels,
along the road’s way.
Give your warning sign,
if danger is near,
so that I may stop,
while the path is clear.
Be at my window,
and direct me through,
when the vision blurs,
from out of the blue.
Carry me safely,
to my destined place,
like you carried Christ,
in your close embrace. Amen

8. Travel Prayer For Stress

Dear God,

You’ve blessed me and You have given me the opportunity to travel today. With You there should never be a fear of flying, however, I still struggle with the stress of flying.

Whether it’s the traffic to get to the airport or the security lines, traveling always becomes stressful. Even when I am aware of it, it is hard to remain calm.

I ask that You watch over me and remind me to relax. Traveling is an exciting time and there is no reason to make it stressful. Help me concentrate on You and cast my worries on You.

Allow me to focus on others who might be experiencing stress. With You by myside I can help others and make their traveling experience better. After all, I am not the only one who experiences stress while traveling. Thank You for always being with me!


9. Travel Prayer For Health

Father in Heaven,

Today I will travel and I am thankful that you will be with me during this long day. Traveling by air is not an enjoyable experience and all so often we become sick after being so close to others on an aircraft.

I pray to you to ask for protection during my flight. Allow those around me to be of good health and allow the aircraft to be free of germs.

Protect me and my family and keep us free from stress and anxiety that may increase our chance of becoming sick.

10. Travel Prayer For COVID

Dear God,

Thank You for always watching over my family. You’ve provided us with abundance and blessed us with good health.

Recently, times have been challenging for those of us who travel. The COVID virus has affected nearly every part of our lives and has restricted work, travel, even visiting the grocery store.

As I travel today, be with me and protect me from becoming sick. All-to-often travelers become sick because we come into contact with so many people (also read: Prayers For Adult Children).

Provide me with a strong immune system and remind me to be careful about what I touch and how I interact with others. In addition to my health, protect others on the flight from acquiring COVID.


Are you ready to travel? Get started on the right foot with a simple travel prayer that will put your faith in God and put your mind at ease.

Our travel prayer tips will help you focus on what God expects and what you really should focus on when you’re traveling. Worrying promotes worry and it doesn’t help a situation like flying because we don’t have control of the situation.

When we step on an airplane, we put our trust in the pilots and mechanics that take care of the aircraft. More importantly, we are putting out trust in God who allows us to reach our destination.

It doesn’t matter whether your travel is by air, land, or for work or vacation. Prayers for travelling help us share our struggles with God and allows us to focus on what’s really important – Him and others.

A simple prayer for safe travel also helps us enjoy the trip more. Who wants to feel stress and anxiety, or worry about becoming ill.  Say a prayer for flying and rest assured that God is in control!