How To Spend Time With God (30 Everyday Ways)

Have you ever wanted to spend time in God’s presence but didn’t know where to start?  Spending time with God can come in a variety of ways. It can be done alone, or during mornings, but the best way to spend time with Him is in your everyday activities.

Days are busy but there are many possibilities to find time for God. Morning prayer, silent meditation, and long walks in nature are perfect opportunities to be in His presence.

However, you can also spend time with God in other ways, including during exercise or listening to a sermon while commuting to work.

The list below shares how to spend time with God. Be creative and consider what works best for your busy schedule.

30 Everyday Ways To Spend More Time With God

1. Morning Prayer

One of the most common ways to spend time with God is through prayer. Prayer can occur at any time of day, however, mornings often offer quiet time to prepare for the day.

With all our family responsibilities, getting through the day can sometimes be challenging. A morning prayer can prepare our mind and start us off on the right path.

Thank God and ask for guidance to get through the day. Listen after your prayer.

Most importantly, make morning prayer a habit. It will allow you to spend time with Him each day and lift your spirits for the day ahead (also read the best Psalms for kids).

2. Silent Meditation

Meditation is another great way to spend time with God. The core of meditation is to slow down, breathe, and relax. Is there a better way to spend time with God?

Meditation with God allows us to listen to Him, and focus on the priorities that He teaches. Spending time with God in meditation will teach us more about ourselves and help to organize our thought.

Traditional meditation promote the emptying of your mind and outside distractions. Christian meditation differs in that you fill your hear and mind with God – with prayer and praise.

During this time you can focus entirely on prayers and ways you can improve your walk with God.

3. Exercise with Gospel Music

Being still in God’s presence is wonderful, but you can still spend time with God when you’re active. Just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you can’t talk to God and appreciate His blessings.

If you want to spend time with God, consider doing it within your daily schedule. Many people visit the gym each day, or exercise outdoors.

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Listening to gospel music while you exercise can keep our mind focused on God while we condition our body. With all those endorphins we receive from exercise we can celebrate God in music!

4. Bedtime Prayers with Children

Time with God doesn’t always have to be alone. If you’re a busy parent you may have trouble finding time to spend with God.

If you can’t find extra time in the day, spend time with others and enjoy God’s presence.

A perfect time to spend time with God is while you put your children to sleep. Bedtime is often a time for Bible stories and prayers (read my article about teaching kids to pray).

As a parent you can use this time to pray over your child and listen to God. Enjoy special moments with your children in the presence of God.

5. Family Time with the Bible

Family time doesn’t always have to be spent at the dinner table or sitting in front of the television. Rather than another night of movies, consider a new routine of a weekly Bible study.

Your family can read the Bible, discuss the Scripture, and brainstorm ways to implement what was learned.  This is a great way to spend time with God if you can’t do so alone.

6. Dinner Prayers

Traditional families often eat together. Busy days and obligations can complicate family time, however, dinner is still a great opportunity to spend time with those you love.

If you’re struggling to find time with God, consider making dinner prayers a priority. It may only be a few minutes before or after dinner, but the length of time doesn’t always matter (read my article about table topic ideas).

Ask your family to share their day and how they were blessed by God. Take turns thanking God and appreciating the gifts He has bestowed on your family. 

7. Start a Small Group

If you’d like to spend time with God and grow in your faith, a great way to do so is through a small group. Most churches have small groups where members study the Bible and share personal insight.

Small groups are led by members of the church and can operate under different themes. Usually, small groups focus on Scripture and they meet for 1-2 hours each week.

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If you’re looking for spend a few more hours with God each week, consider joining or establishing a small group. Your initiative might help others as well!

8. Yoga with Prayer

Yoga is another physical activity that could allow you to spend more time with God. If done correctly, with the right focus, yoga could be a great activity to relax, strengthen, stretch, and talk to God.

A challenging yoga routine can be dedicated to God. When doing yoga it’s important to clear the mind, focus on your breathing, and relax.

If motivated, you could pray or repeat words of praise to God while you do yoga.

Yoga often focuses on the self, but if you want to spend time with God, make your yoga routine about God!

9. Read the Bible Each Day

Can you commit to reading the Bible each day? Many people do!

One of the most common ways to spend time with God is through the Word. Reading the Bible means you are spending time with God.

It’s an opportunity to learn and reflect on your life. Most people who read the Bible each day do so during quiet times in the morning or in the evening before bed.

If you decide to read the Bible each day, write down your goals to hold yourself accountable. All it takes is 15 minutes or 1 chapter each day (learn the SOAP Bible study method).

10. Listen to Podcasts on Scripture During Your Commute

Many people spend time commuting each day to work or when dropping the kids at school. If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, you can listen to sermons via podcast.

There are Biblical podcasts for most topics. Find a podcast you enjoy listening to and spend time with God while you’re in your car.

11. Write Letters To God

Hand-written letters are special. Everyone enjoys receiving them, though few people take the time to write them.

A hand written letter is usually sent to its destination via the post office, however, a letter to God can be kept for safekeeping.

If you’ve never tried writing a letter to God it’s worth a try. When writing a letter to God, you will be open with your thoughts.

The act of writing forces us to really think about how we feel and as a result we tend to remember our thoughts better than we would if we didn’t write them down. Use these letters to hold yourself accountable to God!

12. Keep a Journal with Praises

Spend time with God by keeping a bedside journal with praises for God. Keep track of all the blessings and keep track of your challenges as well.

If you commit to writing a little bit each night, you’ll be surprised at how much God works in your life each day. Thinking about God’s blessings will help give you a positive outlook on life and keep you optimistic.

There are little things that occur each day which you’ll likely forget if you don’t write them down.

13. Start a Personal Bible Study

If you want to dive into the Bible but are not satisfied with simply reading, consider creating your own Bible study. There are countless guides that focus on specific chapters of the Bible.

Focusing on a specific book of the Bible can help make navigating the Bible less overwhelming.

Bible study guides provide notes and questions to help you better comprehend God’s message.

14. Sing

Singing is one of the best ways to praise God. Your voice, whether good or bad, can allow you to spend time with God.

It will also improve your mood, make you smile, and make your family laugh. Singing has so many positive effects on our lives!

15. Cook Biblical Meals (Or Fast)

Have you ever cooked a Biblical meal? Have you ever cooked as if you would serve the meal to God? If so, I’m sure it was an amazing meal.

God appreciated with we do things correctly and with Him in mind. Create a story around the meal you prepare and share it with your family (food with religious symbolism).

You can also use fasting to become closer to God. The process of fasting goes back centuries and can help with discipline and health!

16. Watch a Movie or Documentary on Faith

Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time watching movies. Why not watch a movie about God. There are movies that entertain and there are educational documentaries on God.

Choose a movie based on God and make it a weekly habit. This will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself while you spend time with Him.

18. Commit to Attending Church

One of the easiest ways to grow in your walk with God is to go to church. You just have to commit.

If you aren’t attending church every week (or most of them) do your best to commit. Sunday is a great day to spend time with God and you’ll do so with many other believers. If you haven’t taken this step in your faith, this is where you should start!

19. Volunteer with Church Activities

Churches always need volunteers. It could be something simple, such as a greeter or an usher. Or it could be a position where you lead a Bible study or teach Sunday school

Getting involved helps your faith grow and keeps you close to God.

20. Start a Social Media Group About Faith

The reviews of social media are mixed. Are they an asset to society or a detriment? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

If you’re inclined to social media, a group about faith could help others learn about God. You could post inspirational messages and verses from the Bible an interact with those who follow you.

Some social media outlets have problems with rude comments, so be sure to moderate your group.

21. Create a Blog and Write About God

Over the past 2 decades, blogs have become more popular. A blog is a great way to share thoughts and experiences with people you may never come across otherwise.

A blog can reach millions of people all around the globe. Imagine that there are people in foreign countries who may read your blog! You just have to publish!

22. Sit Quietly Each Morning

Have you ever spent a few minutes doing nothing? Most of us will rest a few extra minutes in bed, or watch an evening sunset in solitude.

However, few people actually set aside time in their day to sit quietly and think about God. Try allocating five minutes of each day to God. During these five minutes, relax your mind and your body and thank Him for everything He has done in your life.

You’ll likely feel rejuvenated after this short period of time!

23. Paint

Artists spend a lot of time in solidute, focusing on their work of art.  If you need more time with God, paint for Him.

You can pray while you paint or you can have a conversation with God. Let your finished product celebrate Him.

24. Walk and Listen

Being outside heightens our senses. If you live in a city, you likely have a park or green area to enjoy. If you live in a rural area, nature is abundant!

Remember, when you spend time with God outside don’t bring your electronics. It’s healthy to get away from phone calls and text messages, even if it’s only a few minutes each day.

Walking is a healthy activity and a wonderful way to spend time in God’s presence.

25. Memorize His Word

Memorization is a powerful way to learn and remember God’s scripture. Memorization frees us from referring to text. It is ingrained in our mind and we can use it in conversation and prayer.

Memorization takes time, therefore, it is a great way to really learn Scripture.

26.  Make a Prayer List For Others

Focusing on others can also help provide quality time with God.  Plus, thinking of others and praying for them is a selfless thing to do and something we should do more of.

Making a prayer list for others might not be a weekly activity, but it could be a monthly habit that allows you to spend time with the Lord.

27. Book Club for Christians

Each year, many Christian books are written with fresh perspectives on faith. Christian books can be fictional novels or they can be non-fiction, providing insight to Jesus’s life and the Bible.

New perspectives on faith should be welcomed and discussed.  If your church doesn’t already have a book club, consider starting one. The group can read literature from Christian authors and discuss the message.

28. Teach Sunday School

Teaching Sunday school is a great way to spend time with kids and with God. Although it may seem like a “walk in the park”, Sunday school isn’t easy.

It takes planning, organization, and a lot of patience. Helping young Christians learn about God is a rewarding experience. If you want to become involved with your Church, it’s a good place to start and you’ll get to know the younger generation of your church.

29. Make a Faith Garden (flowers and vegetables)

Gardening is a slow and gradual process. It takes a commitment but it pays off with a bountiful harvest.

If you’re a gardener you can spend time working in your very own faith garden. Allocate part of an existing garden to the Lord. 

Each day, when you water and weed the patch of soil, talk to God and appreciate the food He provides.

If you’re caring for a garden of flowers, thank God for the beauty He creates and share those flowers with your family.

30. Commit to an Act of Faith Each Day

This activity might seem cliché, but committing to an act of faith can keep you focused on God’s will. Focusing on our faith, allows us to spend time with God, even when life is busy.

Write down your goals and ways you can show an act of faith. It may help inspire you to get started.

Tips On How To Spend Time With Good

  • Clear Your Head

In preparation of spending time with God, make an effort to clear your head. Daily life can be stressful and our mind is often occupied with family responsibilities and work obligations.

When you spend time with Him, try to slow down your mind. Avoid thinking about distractions and put your mind at ease.

  • Listen

Sometimes we are in a hurry to talk to God. Instead, make a point to listen. Listening can occur during prayer and it can come in periods of silence.

Think about your recent prayer requests and consider what has happened since you prayed. How has God answered your prayers?

  • Focus on Him (Visualize)

Learning to spend time with God can be difficult when He is not physically with you. It would be much easier if your eyes could see Him sitting across from you or holding your hand.

Visualization can help you commit to being in the presence of God. Focus and let His lessons in the Bible speak to you.

  • Learn

Attempt to learn something each time you spend time with God. Learn about your relationship with God and learn about yourself.

Gain wisdom and learn patience. Digest what you’ve read in the Bible during the week and apply it to your daily life.

  • Memorize

Memorization is a good tip for spending time with God. Memorization takes discipline and repetition.

Bible verses are a popular way to learn from God and it’s a good way to build faith and spend time near God.

  • Be Still, Or Move

Each person learns in a slightly different way. Faith can also grow in different ways. Some people prefer to sit in silence and talk to God. Other people prefer to appreciate God’s creation with a walk and a prayer. You can even do both!

Is It Best To Spend Time With God Alone? What About Mornings?

Mornings are a great time to spend time with the Lord. However, there is never a “best” time, rather it’s up to each person.

Sunrise and sunset provide opportunities to sit in awe at God’s creation. Mornings and evenings offer the stillness that many people prefer.

If you are able to spend time alone with God, it can be a powerful experience. This is a monk’s way of life and solitude can heighten your sense of the world.

If you have a big family and work responsibilities, don’t be afraid to talk to God around others. Fellowship is a powerful way to worship the Lord.


How will you spend time with God? Will you pray in the mornings or exercise with gospel music? How about leading a Bible study or volunteering at church?

Once you decide on the best method for spend time with the Lord, make it a habit. New initiatives, like exercise, often fall by the wayside if there is no schedule. Tell a friend or family member to keep you accountable.

Spending time with God can be worthwhile in several ways. It allows you to listen, talk, pray, and relax your body and mind.

Even if it’s only a few minutes each day, focusing on God can put our mind at ease and help us stop worrying about our day-to-day struggles.