Church Membership Withdrawal Letter (+ Example Letters)

A church membership withdrawal letter is a common and polite way to resign from your church.  It may be necessary if you decide to leave a church.

Writing a letter is a respectful gesture and is a formal way to share with church leadership why you are departing. It’s not a comfortable thing to do, but it is much better than simply disappearing from your church.

There are many reasons you may be leaving your church.  I’ll provide a few church withdrawal letter examples below.

Reasons For A Church Membership Resignation Letter

There are many reasons for submitting a church resignation letter.  Some reasons are personal, such as a move or job change.

Other reasons may be due to the church itself, such as its leadership or direction of the church.  The list below includes a number of reasons you might withdrawal from your church.

  • Moving
  • Church leadership change
  • Pastor change
  • Too much gossip
  • Divorce
  • Lack of children’s activities
  • Friends
  • Declining church Influence
  • Lack of mission opportunities
  • Community involvement
  • Searching for a new Biblical perspective
  • Switching denominations

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There are many more reasons you might leave your church.  If you feel I missed an important one, please let me know and I’ll update the list!

Churches Change, So Do People

While many families attend the same church throughout their lives, some will decide to change churches.  It could be a relocation for work or a decision based on children.  It could come after a split in the family or due to the church and its leadership.

Several years ago I changed churches.  It was due to a leadership transition within our church (read Qualities Every Pastor Should Have)

A new pastor arrived and he struggled to live up to the expectations of our congregation.  After several years, the congregation became smaller because many families, like ours, looked for other options.

After 30 years it was time to change and explore other church options. It wasn’t easy because so many church members had become family friends, but it was time to withdraw as a church member.

Why A Church Withdrawal Letter Is Important and Necessary

Have you ever heard the term “ghosting”?  It’s the act of disappearing without notice.  It causes confusion, hurts feelings, and isn’t a respectful way to terminate a relationship.

A church resignation letter is important because it’s respectful to the church and its members. It shares a clear reason for withdrawal and it brings a conclusion to the membership.

Some churches have a membership fee to be a part of the church.  In this case, it’s extremely important to share a letter for evidence of departure, otherwise you may be charged a fee, or a tithe may be expected.

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A withdrawal letter is helpful because it’s a non-confrontational way to share your resignation.  You don’t have to worry about an argument or misunderstanding. A letter can explain the situation to church leadership.

It can be heartfelt, honest, and to the point.  A typical resignation letter will also share your contact information in case follow-up is required.

4 Examples – Church Membership Withdrawal Letters

1. Moving

Dear Covenant Church,

I write this letter to inform you of my church membership withdrawal. I have been a loyal member for the past 10 years.

During our time with the church, we have met incredible people and my children have developed into strong Christians.  My family has made the decision to move our residence to a new town and it would be impossible to continue attending this church.

Life brings opportunities and I must take the job opportunity before me.  The move will provide my family an opportunity to join a new church and share all that we have learned here.

I will continue to keep Covenant Church in my prayers and I will keep the strong friendships I have developed here. Thank you for all you have done for me, my family, and our community.

2. Leadership

Dear Covenant Church,

I respectfully write this letter to inform you of my family’s church membership withdrawal. Over the years, my family has gained a lot from our time with this church.  We have grown closer to God and built our faith with people we now call friends.

In the last year we have witnessed a significant change in the leadership of the church.  While the church believes the leadership changes will be a positive, my family and I believe the changes are not moving the church in the right direction.

Because of our different perspective on church leadership, it is time for my family to search for a new home.  We wish Covenant Church the best and will pray for its future.

Thank you for being a home to my family over the years.

3. Church Opportunities (Service)

Dear Covenant Church,

The past 10 years I have enjoyed being a part of this church. I have met wonderful, God-fearing believers and I have grown as a man and as a Christian.  I have worked hard to support the church and help it grow, however, I have found that the opportunities to serve are limited.

I would like to work more in the community and in missions and I believe I need to search for other churches that focus on service. I have enjoyed my time with this church and I appreciate all you have done for me.

As I search for a new church, I will remember all that I have learned and I will share the many teachings I have from this church.  I thank you for the past 10 years and I wish this church the best.

4. Children

Dear Covenant Church,

I write this letter to inform you of our church membership resignation. We have enjoyed several years at this church and take pride in our membership.

However, it has come to our attention that our children require more fellowship and we have decided to look at other churches.  Our main focus is to find a strong children’s department because we want our children to develop into strong Christians.

Unfortunately, we will have to leave the church, but I want to assure you that our time here has been valuable and productive.  My family is appreciative of all this church has done for us and our community.

We will continue to grow as Christians and raise the future generation of strong Christians.

Should I Follow Up After My Church Membership Resignation Letter

After submitting your letter for church withdrawal, there shouldn’t be a need to follow-up.  Like most official correspondence, your contact information will be listed on the letter, so the church may reach out to you.

Don’t be surprised if the church reaches out to you. After all, I doubt they will want to lose you as a member.  They may request feedback regarding the reason you are departing, especially if it has to do with the church itself.

Remember that prior to submitting the letter, you should have met with church friends and colleagues to discuss you decision.  Submitting the letter should be viewed as the final act of your decision.

Whether you decide to meet with church leadership after submitting a letter is your decision. If you have a great relationship with the church, it might be prudent to meet and say goodbye. If you prefer not to meet with leadership, at least you were polite enough to send a letter and not disappear.


If you are considering withdrawing your church membership, first consider why you are stopping your church membership and how will you go about doing it.

A church membership withdrawal letter is a common occurrence and it is a respectful way to announce your departure from the church.  The last thing you want to do is disappear without a formal letter because it will be considered rude and people will be left wondering why you left (this is also how rumors begin).

A benefit of a withdrawal letter is you can do it discretely and share the exact reason you are leaving, without confusion from the church.  Typically you will include your contact information in the letter so the church can reach out if they find it necessary. Even if the church did something wrong to you or your family, in most cases, it’s best to take the “high road” and say “thank you”.

There are plenty of reasons to leave your church and it’s quite common to search to a new church.  Don’t feel guilty about leaving because there are many people in a similar situation. Feel free to use my example templates if you find them relevant.