54 (Funny & Cheesy) Christian Pick Up Lines

A Christian pick up line can be a fun way to get someone’s attention at church. Usually it’s a playful joke, but pick up lines do work if the situation is right.

I’ve assembled 54 of the best Christian pick up lines that you can try on the person you admire. They are all connected to the Bible so they are appropriate for most ages and they should garner a laugh or two.

A few words of wisdom. 1) smile and laugh when you share the pick up line. 2) Use the line during a social activity, not in the middle of a serious sermon.

Let me know which pick up lines are good and if you have any new ideas to add to the list.

Are Pick Up Lines Appropriate For Church

Pick up lines are a fun part of life. While many of these one-liners can be inappropriate, there are plenty clever lines that can be said, even around Christians.

Context is always important and some cheesy Christian pick-up lines my seem creepy if said at an inopportune time.

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Here are a few tips for using Christian pick up lines correctly.

  • Don’t use them with people you don’t know
  • Smile and laugh when saying them (they aren’t meant to be serious)
  • Pick up lines are fun in groups and may create awkwardness if you are alone with the person you’re “picking up”
  • Always be appropriate and respectful – some pick up lines are better than others
  • Use them at the right time (not in the middle of a serious sermon)
  • The person you say the pick up line to may not be interested in you (be prepared for disappointment)
  • Keep things light-hearted and expectation free

54 Best Christian Pick-Up Lines

1. I was named after an apostle, you should know my history.

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2. God can bring us from darkness into the light, I think you have the same effect

3. Are you Adam, because I’d like to be your Eve?

4. I read the Bible, but I’d rather read it with you.

5. Are you a fisher of men? Because you just caught me.

6. I can’t part the Red Sea, but I’ll certainly open the door for you.

7. Moses turned a staff into a snake. I can’t do that but I’ll make your dreams come true

8. I’ll try to walk on water if you promise to laugh

9. I thought the Holy Spirit was making it hot in here but it’s just your presence

10. I’d like you to sing God’s hymns to my future children.

11. I saw you and I became a believer.

12. Jesus died for you. I think I’d do the same.

13. If you stole my heart, does that make you a sinner?

14. You make me feel like I’m already in heaven.

15. I tithed more after seeing you today.

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16. Since when do angels fly this low?

17. God is a masterful creator. Just look in the mirror.

18. I don’t have to be a prophet to see our future together

19. You put the figure in transfiguration

20. My name in Joseph, let me interpret your dreams

21. Is your spiritual gift attractiveness?

22. If you could read my mind you’d find it mostly thinking about God and you.

23. Christmas in a time for God and family. Are you ready to begin our Christmas tradition?

24. Solomon had many wives. You’re the only one I need.

25. God helped the blindman see. If he saw you the sight would be too bright.

26. Want to join me on the road to Damascus?

27. When I count my blessings, I count you more than once.

28. Have any relation to Abraham’s nephew, because I like you a Lot

29. Is this seat saved? I am.

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30. I read the Bible cover-to-cover.  I’d like to study you as well.

31. I’ve been in a Bible study, but I’d rather study you.

32. Can I shake your hand? I’ll tell everyone an angel touched me.

33. The Lord told me we’d be together, let’s not disappoint Him.

34. It’s by Grace I’ve been saved. I knew I’d met you eventually Grace.

35. I read the Book of Numbers recently, but I didn’t find yours.

36. I feel like Samson when his hair was cut, my knees are weak.

37. You are hot, we need another flood from God to cool us down.

38. I know God is in your heart, is there room for me?

39. We should hang out for eternity.

40. I’d like to pray for you, can I lay hands on you?

41. I wish you were in the choir, then I’d never fall asleep in church

42. If you were the pastor I’d be here every week in the front row.

43. I contribute to the offering, but I’d like to contribute my life to you.

44. When I saw my prayers at night, you’re always something I’m thankful for.

45. I dreamt of you. Like Joseph, can you help me interpret what it means?

46. Can I add you to my prayer list? I’ll need your name and number.

47. Let’s make our own private small group to study the word.

48. Are you called to follow Christ? I think I’m called to follow you.

49. Are you a prayer warrior? I’d like to go to battle alongside you.

50. God has my mind and heart, but don’t worry he will share.

51. Joseph could interpret dreams, but I know how to BBQ

52. Be with me and I promise I won’t live 100s of years like these Biblical guys.

53. I asked my prayer group to pray for our future together.

54. Is heaven missing an angel because you don’t belong here


These Christian pick up lines are fun and silly. They might be viewed as childish, however, youthful humor helps keep people loose and everyone likes to laugh.

Be advised, you might also get denied by the person you admire. Presenting it as a joke first will ensure that you don’t lose any respect from her/him or other friends.

Let me know which lines you liked the best!

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