Blessing Prayer (10 Great Examples For God’s Favor)

Sometimes we need a blessing prayer. It may be for ourself or for others who are close to us. It can even be for our community.

A blessing prayer allows us to talk to God about our lives and about our hopes and dreams. After all, we all want to be blessed and God wants to bless us as well.

It’s important to know that God’s blessings surround us every day, and often times we don’t realize it.  He gives us each day to enjoy. He allows the sun to rise each day, and He gives us fresh air to breathe. Those simple things are big blessings! (learn the PRAYER acronym for the best prayers).

If you’d like to pray for specific blessing prayers, I’ve provided 10 examples to use. I’ll first share a few tips about how to pray effectively, but remember, you can speak to God any way you’d like and any time of day.

Tips For a Good Blessing Prayer

As I’ve already mentioned, you can speak with God in a variety of ways and it can be through conversation, worship, praise, and singing. In the Bible there are helpful tips on how to pray.

My go-to prayer method is the ACTS prayer (ready my article). It is an acronym for:

  • Adoration
  • Confession
  • Thanksgiving
  • Supplication

If you use this method, it will help organize your thoughts and present your conversation to God in a respectful way. Many people do this prayer automatically because it was taught to us as children, however, if you’re new to praying feel free to use this method to improve your prayers (here’s my long list of things to pray for).

God hears all prayers but in a prayer for blessings, we should also praise and exalt Him.

10 Best Blessing Prayers For God’s Favor

1. Blessing Prayer For Family


I humbly come before you. I know what you’ve done for my family and I exalt thee. I am amazed by the beauty you’ve created each day and I thank you.

I come before you today to ask for your blessings on my family. I am not the perfect parent/child but I do care greatly for those closest to me and I want the best for them.

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We don’t deserve any more blessings than you’ve already provided us, however, I pray that you continue to build my family and bring us closer together. Under your watchful eye, we will do wonderful things.

Keep our hearts close to you and provide my family with the wisdom to make good decisions that honor you. Bestow blessings on this family that only you can provide.


2. Blessing Prayer For Work

Heavenly Father,

You are righteous and you are Lord above all. You have provided me a way to provide for my family and I thank you for the opportunity to work hard in your name.

Each day I go to work I do-so to praise you. I want you to be proud of the work I’ve done and I know my colleagues will see your work in me.

As you’re already aware, my work isn’t always easy and I’m not always successful. Give me the strength to persist even when I lack motivation and energy. I want to be your example to others and I want to gain responsibility and respect at work.

Guide my career and take me in the direction where my abilities will be most effective.  Allow me to be a light to others and bless the relationships that I create at work.

Again I thank you for everything you’ve done. Thank you for your continued blessings in my daily life.


3. Relationship Blessing Prayer

Dear God,

Relationships aren’t always easy but each day you give me opportunities to learn and grow. You are amazing and I admire your presence in my life.

I thank you for being Lord and for giving me each day. I come before you today to request your blessings in the relationships that I have.

I fail often and I’ve let people down. Whether it’s my spouse, my children, or my friends I have come up short many times. I know I can improve and I know I need your help.

Bless my relationships. Give me patience and understanding and give others the same when they interact with me.

I want to do better in my relationships and I know that my growth should be through you. Provide me with wisdom to improve. Thank you for listening to me and for all the blessings you’ve already provided.


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4. Blessing Prayer For Health

Father In Heaven,

I come before you today as I always do. I recognize your majesty and I’m grateful for the relationship I have with you.

When I am successful I give you praise, and when I fail I look to you for comfort and guidance. Your love never falters and your blessings are many.

I’ve prayed to you several times about my health. I struggle with keeping healthy and I fight my body because I want to be more resilient.

My health has failed me but I am still grateful because you’ve given me this amazing body, which is so complex and perfect even with its imperfections.

Give me the strength to improve my health. Give me the willpower to overcome my health obstacles. You alone are my source for strength and I request that you guide me though these tough times.

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5. Blessing Prayer For Others


I come before you today with respect and honor. You do amazing things each day and you help those who are suffering.

You tell us that when we are weak we should come to you and you will give us strength. Today I come before you to pray for others who may not have the strength to carry on.

There are so many families who are just getting by. They may be affected by sickness, addiction, or bad decisions. You can provide them with comfort and you can guide them in the right direction.

I pray for those close to me and for my friends and family. Give them wisdom and opportunity. Show them that they can improve their situation and find peace in you.

Thank you for your blessings in my life and continue to bless others – as you always do.


6. Blessing Prayer For Country


I come before you humbly and I am honored to be in your presence. You are the creator of all things and you’ve blessed me, my family, my community, and my country.

I kneel in awe of you and I pray that you continue to bestow blessings on us. Give us wisdom to make good decisions and give us foresight.

This country means so much to me. I am worried about the direction it is going and I pray that you allow us to see the light when there is darkness.

Allow us to come together and find common ground. Allow us to be proud of our country and not focus solely on the negative things.

Let us not throw away all the amazing things that you have blessed out country with. I thank you for all your blessings and I believe that through you, this country will find its way.

7. Blessing Prayer For Church

Dear Father,

Thank you for hearing my call and thank you for listening to my prayers. You find time to listen no matter the time. I thank you.

You’ve provided my church with so much and through this church I’ve grown closer to you. We work hard to spread your word and save others. We follow you and serve others!

I know you have already blessed us in so many ways. We ask that you continue to bless this church with leadership and membership. The more people we reach, the more we can grow and spread your good word.

Guide us in the direction you choose. We will follow your commandments. In your name, Amen.

8. Blessing Prayer For Education

Dear God,

I come before you with the utmost respect. You are the creator and leader of this World. You created us in your image and you know each one of us.

Each day you help my family and I learn more about you and more about this amazing world. I pray that you continue to bless us in education.

We learn by reading, by praying, by understanding, and by doing.  Allow us to learn our purpose in this World and what you expect from us.

Education will give us knowledge that we can use to praise you. Education will provide us opportunities for employment and to reach others. Let us strive to become smarter and wiser and we will give the glory to you.


9. Blessing Prayer For Marriage


I come before you to ask for your help. I need your wisdom and your direction. Before I request anything from you I want to exalt you and thank you for what you’ve done for me.

Even in tough times I need to understand that you have blessed me so much. It’s easy to focus on things I “need” but the reality is you’ve given me so much more than I could ever imagine.

You give me opportunities that I must thank you for. Today I come before you to request blessings in marriage. I want to have a successful marriage and I want it to be in accordance with your Word.

Allow me to live in a Godly marriage where there is mutual respect and adoration for one another. Allow us to communicate our differences and find solutions when things aren’t perfect.

You will provide us with blessings in marriage and I praise you for everything!


10. Blessing Prayer For Happiness


I thank you for giving me this beautiful day. I want to celebrate what you’ve done and what you do each day.

I am not worthy of your love, however, you bless me each day. Help me to better understand all you’ve done, even when I struggle with contentment.

You have provided everything I need in this life. I should be happy, but sometimes I struggle with where I am in life. I need perspective to understand all that I have.

Thank you for the opportunities and thank you for my health. Allow me to focus on the positives in life so that I can be happy.

In turn, it will help me praise you and be a light to others who also need to be led out of the darkness.

Shine your light on me and let me be happy! I have happiness within but with your help I will recognize all the amazing things have, and I can overcome those things that make me sad.



A blessing prayer is a wonderful reason to come before God. We all want blessings in our life and sometimes it’s just a matter of recognizing all the amazing things God has done.

Our prayers are important to God and there is not one correct way to speak to him. You can talk to him in conversation and song, while you are home or while you are driving.

Always remember that we should approach God with reverence. Appreciate him and acknowledge his wonder.

Thank him before we ask for things, just as you would talk to a friend before you begin asking for things.

God blesses us each day, even when we don’t ask for it. But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask for his blessings. Good communication with God brings us closer to him. Pray a prayer of blessing and thank him!