52 Awesome Birthday Prayers For Family (Short and Sweet)

A birthday prayer can add a personal touch to any celebration. It comes from the heart (more importantly from the Word of God) and it puts a faithful touch on the moment.

Birthday prayers come in all shapes and sizes. They can be long or short prayers and they can be for sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, and friends.

There are prayers that are unique to the occasion and there are prayers that have been around for hundreds of years. We’ll share several types!

This article breaks down the prayers into sections. Find the correct section and choose a birthday prayer from the list.

The Best Birthday Prayers For Family And Friends

Birthday Prayer – General

1. Dear Father, bless this day, for it’s a special day that calls for celebration. The birthday we celebrate is a gift from you, who gave us life. You provide for us and you give us each day to enjoy. Be with this family and our friends as we spend time together. Allow us to appreciate You in today’s celebration and provide us with many more birthdays in the future! In Your name, amen.

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Short Birthday Prayer Options

2. Father in Heaven, you’ve given us (name), who has been blessed with (number) years to their life. This birthday celebration is to thank you and to enjoy the blessings that you’ve bestowed on our family. You give us each year and we are grateful. Amen

3. God, you chose (this date) to bring (name) into the world. Your creation is perfect and through ups and downs, you’ve blessed this (man/woman). Provide them more years to help others and share Your Word. Our family thanks You, Amen.

4. God, you’ve given us (name) and he/she has achieved amazing things in their years. Each year we celebrate Your creation and each year we gain perspective on the life and relationships that you’ve given. Today’s celebration is a time to come together and to give thanks. Look at the people at this table – we are truly blessed, Amen

5. Dear Father, you give us 365 days each year and today we celebrate the birth of (name). This (man/woman/child) has grown into someone to be proud of and someone who represents this family in Your image. Give them another wonderful year of life, Amen.

Birthday Prayer For A Father

6. Lord, today is my father’s birthday and we gather to celebrate his life. He has devoted his life to our family and today we can celebrate the life that You have given him. Thank you for the year which he has completed. We pray for continued health and another wonderful year, Amen.

7. Dear God, today’s date marks a special time for our family. Our father celebrates another year in a life well-lived. His day is also our day, as our family pays tribute to him. We also acknowledge Your grace and commitment to our family. Thank You for blessing our father with a long and purposeful life. Amen.

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8. God, we come before You humble and grateful. Our father is alive and well and we are together this day to celebrate the day of his birth. What a wonderful opportunity to enjoy time together and appreciate these years of life. Each day you provide is a blessing and today is special. It is the anniversary of your creation. Our father is Your gift to us! Amen

9. Lord, it is our father’s birthday and a day for us to celebrate. We thank you for the blessings you’ve bestowed on our family and for giving us this day to celebrate. The work he has done for our family is amazing, and the work You have done in his life is wonderful. Be with the future years, just as You’ve blessed the former. Amen

10. Happy Birthday to our father who has taught us so much. May God be with him on this special day. We thank God for allowing our family to enjoy this time together. God has provided a father who works hard and who cares for his family. May God bless us with many more birthdays.

Birthday Prayer For A Mother

11. Dear God, today is our mother’s birthday and we lift her up to You. You’ve blessed her with a family and friends who love her dearly. Today is her day and we wish that you surround her with your love and attention. We gather to celebrate her years on this Earth and we thank You for allowing us to be together. Amen (also read my prayers for busy mothers)

12. Dear Father, our mother has raised us and cared for us when we were weak. Now we celebrate her time on Earth, created uniquely by you. Her day is special to all of us and it’s a milestone in her life. You have provided so much to her and we ask that you continue to watch over her in the coming years. Bless her with many more birthdays. Amen.

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13. God, thank you for this day. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the life which You have created. You’ve blessed our mother with many years of prosperity and we praise You for each year You provide. As the years go by continue to bless her with Your wisdom and allow us, her family, to make her proud. We are happy to be with her on her birthday, Amen.

14. Dear Heavenly Father, a mother plays an important role in the lives of others. Like You, she watches over her flock and protects her children from harm. Today, we celebrate our mother’s birthday with family, friends, and gifts. Her day, which You have given, should be special because she has helped so many others. Help us celebrate our mother’s birthday. Amen

15. Dear Father, today is a day for celebration. We celebrate our mother’s birthday and pray that You lead the celebration, for You have given her life. We thank You for the years you’ve provided her and wish her many happy years in the future. Bless her and bless this day! Amen.

Birthday Prayer For A Child

16. Father in Heaven, be with this child on their birthday. It’s a day to celebrate their life and the life You provide! You’ve blessed them with health and intelligence, and we ask that you provide many more. We come together today in Your name and enjoy this special day! Amen (also read my prayers for adult children).

17. Dear God, Your timing is always perfect and on this day, years ago, You brought (name) into this world. The years have flown by, but it’s clear how blessed we are to have this child in our lives. Today we give thanks to You and we celebrate this special birthday. Amen.

18. Dear Father, we come before You today to say thanks for our child. We celebrate their birthday today and we also celebrate the memories and blessings that You have given us. We pray for many more birthdays and happy gatherings. This child is the best birthday gift You have given and we say thanks! Amen.

19. God, the love that You provide is deeper than any ocean and wider than any valley. Your love is evident today, as it’s a celebration of our child’s birthday. You have protected him/her and You continue to work in their life. Allow us to enjoy this celebration and provide us with many more birthday gatherings in the future. Amen.

20. Heavenly Father, our son/daughter is celebrating their birthday today. Though so young, we have witnessed Your work in their life. Each year on this date, we see growth and prosperity in this child and we thank You for those blessings. Continue to work in them and continue to bless our family each day. Today we celebrate a special birthday with You! Amen.

Birthday Prayer For A Friend

21. Dear God, throughout our lifetime you will bring people into our lives. These new faces have the opportunity impact our lives in ways that only You understand. Today I pray for my friend because it’s their birthday. Bless them with health and opportunity just as you blessed us with their birth many years ago. Amen.

22. Father, today I celebrate the birthday of a dear friend. Through ups and downs, we have remained good friends and I am inspired by his/her each day. Be with my friend, bless them and protect them so they can experience many more birthdays. God, I thank You for today and I toast to a prosperous future. Amen.

23. Lord, I come before You to lift up my friend in faith. We have been through a lot and I am thankful to call (name) a friend. We celebrate their birthday and we praise You for their life worth living. Inspire them to continue living for You! Amen.

24. Dear Father, another year has passed and my dear friend celebrates their birthday today. Thank You for another year and thank You for bringing my friend into my life. Iron sharpens iron just as my friend has made me a better person. We gather today to enjoy each other’s company and to celebrate the gift of birth that You have provided. Amen.

25. Heavenly Father, outside of Your endearing love, there are few things more valuable in life than a good friend. Today we have the opportunity to celebrate a birthday for my dear friend. He/she has been blessed by You beyond measure and he/she has been a blessing to me and so many others. Let us celebrate with You today. Amen.

Birthday Prayer For A Daughter

26. Dear God, my daughter turns (age) today. Her development as a person, has been amazing to watch and I am honored to call her my own. We thank you, God, for providing for this family and taking care of her. Give her wings so that she may fly and share Your word. Bless this day as we celebrate her birth. Amen.

27. Heavenly Father, our daughters birthday has come. It’s wonderful to reflect on her life and what she has become. We celebrate with You and we celebrate as a family today. Be with us, lead us on the direction that You desire. Thank You for times like these. Amen.

28. God, we come before You on this special day and thank You for the opportunity. As family and friends we are blessed to be in Your presence. Our daughter turns (age) today and we love her as much today as we did the day she was born. Celebrate with us and watch over this special day. Amen.

29. Dear God, what a day! This is a time for joy, reflection, and celebration. Our daughter’s birthday is today and (age) years ago you blessed us with her. She is perfect in Your eyes and we thank You for bringing her into our lives. Allow to enjoy this day with her, family and friends. Amen.

30. Father, praise be to You, the creator of our daughter! It’s hard to believe she is now (age). We have watched her grow into a young woman and we can’t be more proud. Thank You for protecting her and guiding her in life. Today is one of many more birthdays to come. Praise God!

Birthday Prayer For a Son

31. Father in Heaven, we thank you for our son who makes us proud each day. Each year he becomes stronger and smarter. Today we celebrate the day of his birth, (number) years ago. How far he has come. We celebrate his birthday and we are grateful to You for all the blessings in life. Amen

32. God, we pray to You today to invite you to our son’s birthday party. You are always watching over us, and we say “thanks” for everything You have given us. Allow us to celebrate the years that we have enjoyed and give us many more reasons to celebrate this day in the future. Amen.

33. God, today is a blessing. We thank you for the opportunity to celebrate our son’s birthday and pray that You give him a wonderful day with friends and family. The years have flown by and we are grateful for each day we are able to spend with him. Praise be to You for this day. Amen.

34. Heavenly Father, our son turns (age) today. He is growing into a man after Your heart and we are thankful that he is happy and healthy. Continue to bestow blessings on our family and allow us to enjoy his birthday today. It’s a time to celebrate! Amen.

35. Lord, you watch over our son and you protect him. Today we celebrate his (age) birthday and we are amazed at his progress and we are grateful for surrounding him with Christian friends and mentors. Happy birthday to our son and praise be to God! Amen.

Birthday Prayer For A Grandparent

36. Dear God, our grandma has been an essential part of our family and today we celebrate her birthday. You provide! You have given her so many wonderful years on this Earth and she has impacted the lives around her. Our family and friends are grateful to be with her today and under the watch of You, God Almighty. Amen.

37. Father, our grandfather turns (years) today. What a blessing to have lived this long and to have witnessed so many events in life. Thank You for giving us so much time together and for this day. We will celebrate and remember our lives and all the wonderful blessings You have given us. Amen.

38. Lord, this is the day the Lord has made and we will celebrate. Thank you for another beautiful day and another beautiful year. Our grandfather is the head of this family and his strength and influence has motivated our entire family to live a life worth living. Be with us today as we celebrate the day he was born. Amen.

39. Dear God, our grandmother is the strength of this family and points us in the direction of You. She has served others in faith her entire life, but today let us serve her and celebrate her birthday. What a life she has lived and what a grandmother she is. Amen.

40. Heavenly Father, we come to You humbly and thank You for your blessings. This life has ups and downs, however, You have provided us with so much to be thankful for. Watch over us as we celebrate our grandmother’s birthday. This is her special day, which you have provided. Amen.

Birthday Prayer For A Brother or Sister

41. Dear God, my brother is my best friend and although we don’t always see eye-to-eye, I love him dearly. Today is his special day, his birthday and our family has come together. Thank You for the many years he has seen and for his commitment to his friends and family. Be with us today as we celebrate! Amen.

42. Lord, our family comes before You today to honor our sister. She is one-of-a-kind and a joy to be around. Her birthday is a time for celebration and an opportunity to thank You for everything that You provide. May You bless her today and bless the many birthdays on the horizon. Amen.

43. Dear Father, today is a day for celebration and a salute to my brother. He has done well in his brief life and he have overcome many obstacles to grow his faith. His smile radiates to others and he has given us – his family – joy and laughter. Be with my brother on his birthday and watch over him. This is a day for friends and family to enjoy! Amen.

44. Father, today is the birthday of my sister, a special person to me and our family. We gather to appreciate her and to witness her growth over the years. She has come so far and it’s because of Your guidance. Continue to watch over her and bless her with many years to come. Amen.

45. Dear God, my brother’s birthday has come and we celebrate the day that You have given. (year) years ago, my brother was brought into this world as a baby. My little brother is no longer little and I’m grateful for the experiences we’ve had while growing up. Today I salute my brother and I praise God. Amen!

Birthday Prayer For Wife or Husband

46. God, You’ve led my husband for (number) years and I am proud to be his wife. We come together today to honor his birthday and reflect on his life. He has learned so much and his faith in You keeps him on the right path. Let us celebrate today and toast to many more years to come. Amen.

47. Dear Father, thank You for the blessings which You so graciously provide. Today, we rejoice and welcome my wife’s birthday. Her years on this Earth are but a drop in a bucket to the eternity she will live with You in heaven. Allow us to enjoy these moments together. Amen.

48. Heavenly Father, today we celebrate a glorious occasion. You have provided many years of happiness and it wouldn’t be the same without my dear husband. Bless his birthday, and allow family and friends to reflect on his life, which You have given. We salute him and You! Amen.

49. Dear God, You’ve blessed my wife with another year. Each birthday we celebrate is a gift from You and we praise You. Thanks for allowing our family and friends to gather together today and we look forward to the years ahead. Amen.

50. Father, as my husband celebrates the day of his birth, we bow and thank You for each year You provide. He has grown in spirit and as the head of our household. Continue to bless each year and help him develop into the man You desire him to be. Thank You for this birthday celebration and watch over us. Amen.

Birthday Prayer For Myself

51. Dear God, I come before You to say “thank you”. Another year has passed and as I reflect on my life, I can’t help but appreciate the love and blessings You have given me. Today is the anniversary of my birth and I have so many people to thank. You are my creator, and my parents brought me into the world. I am surrounded by friends and family who have supported me and who have helped me grow in my faith. Praise be to You, Amen.

52. This day will come and go, however, I pray that as I age I grow closer to You and gain wisdom. Bless me with many more years to come so I can be with those who I love most. In Your Name, Amen.


A birthday prayer is a great addition to a celebration. It can be written on a card or note, or it can be prayed in front of a group. A birthday prayer should come from the heart, so if you use one of our examples, make it your own – personalize it!

You can even write a short birthday prayer on a cake so all who attend the birthday party can read it. Don’t be shy about your faith. Instead, share it with those you love by sharing your prayer.

Whether it’s your son, daughter, mother, father, husband, or yourself, these prayers will help you find the right words to share with others.