15 Best Typing Games For Kids (FREE)

Learning to type is one of the most useful and practical skills you can acquire. A quick search yields many free typing games for kids, but what games are most effective for teaching children? I’ll share the best options available.

Just a few decades ago, typing was an extraordinary skill. Younger generations were learning about computers in school but it wasn’t a skill that older professionals needed.

These days, typing is essential. My typing skills, which I learned in school, have been instrumental in my education and career!

One of the best ways to teach typing is through games. Sure, there are expensive computer programs for typing that you can purchase, but there are so many free typing games for kids that are available on the internet.

My favorite typing game on this list is #13 – make sure you check it out below.

Typing: The Most Practical Class I Ever Had

It’s hard to admit, but I’ve forgotten many of the lessons I learned in school. I’d estimate that I’ve forgot at least 30% of the things I learned and the main reason is because I never used the knowledge after the class concluded.

There is at least one learned skill from high school that has remained with me, and I use it as I type these words.

Typing class was invaluable (kidztype is one of my favorite platforms).

I didn’t take the class until later in my schooling and it was only a semester in length. During those few months I remember placing a cardboard box over my hands so I couldn’t look down at my fingers.

I kept my eyes on the screen and followed the prompts. In order to effectively type I had to memorize each letter’s place on the keyboard. I was slow at first, but the computer program gradually trained me to learn to type without having to look at my fingers or the keyboard.

I’ve used my typing skills to write essays, a thesis, and countless reports for work. Learning to type quickly has saved me thousands of hours of time and made typing an easy process.

These days, there are countless typing programs available and kids can learn to type from the comfort of home. Let’s take a look at things to consider for typing games for kids.

What To Consider: Typing Games For Kids

  • Skill level

Typing games for kids should begin at an easy level. Kids need to learn the basics, including 1) where each letter on a keyboard is located and 2) hand placement.

The typing games we have listed are for beginners so you can be assured it won’t be too challenging for your child.

  • Is it fun and engaging (is there a story)

With so many options, make sure to choose a typing game for kids that is fun and tells a story. The best way to learn is to become immersed in a story and not realize you’re actually learning (more fun educational games include rainbow writing and blackout poetry).

If the typing game is engaging, children will want to play. It won’t be viewed as an inconvenience or as a boring assignment.

  • Does it really teach

At first glance, many typing games for kids are tough to understand. Is it useful and does it actually work? Typing games should have a purpose and they should teach what they say.

As a parent, try the game (especially if it’s free) and see how the program works. Does the game become harder over time or is it basic and remains the same.

A good typing game for kids will become harder over time, with different levels to choose from.

  • Time and Testing (how to measure)

If a game is successful at teaching it should hold the player accountable. Is there data to show improvement?

How much time does the child spend on a level and how many mistakes were made. Optional tests in the game are a great way to measure improvement over time.

Remember, don’t have your child play a game to keep them busy – have them play the game to build their typing skills.

For parents: best activities for bored kids

15 Awesome and Free Typing Games For Children

1. Typing Rocket

Typing rocket is a beginner typing game that helps kids focus on letter location on a keyboard. I recommend starting with a game like this so a child can get comfortable with the keyboard.

Correct hand placement is important and the game starts very slow. If letters are typed correctly, the game becomes more difficult.

I recommend 10 minutes a day for two weeks, then use a cover over the hands of your child. They will be frustrated early on but they learn quickly.

Have them write down their scores after each game and you can measure their performance. After two weeks with this game, they can move onto words (play Typing Rocket).

2. Alpha Muchies

Alpha Munchies is an easy game for learners and there are multiple levels. Start at the beginning to learn the letters on the keyboard, then build up to more difficult levels in the game.

The game does not provide practice with words, only letters. The harder levels will require that you press the letters on the keyboard quickly, while the easier levels will provide plenty of time to find the correct key.

The aliens fall from the sky to eat your food and it’s your job to get them before they land. I can see kids getting tired of this game, so it’s wise to mix it up with another on our list (play Alpha Munchies here).

3. Cup Stacking Keyboarding

Cup staking typing game for children is another way to learn letter placement on a keyboard. Words are not spelled on the keyboard. Instead, cups are stacked as your child types the correct letter. Then cups are unstacked as the correct letters are again typed.

It’s a simple and straightforward game, for young kids and adults. It helps new typers become comfortable with the keyboard.

I like this game because it isn’t a race. Kids can play the typing game at their own pace without worrying about losing (play Cup Stacking here).

4. Ghost Typing

Ghost typing game for kids is an excellent game for developing familiarity with the keyboard. It’s one of my favorite beginner games because it becomes more difficult slowly, so there is plenty of time to type the correct letters.

The game will not scare young kids, but it will probably make them laugh. I suggest having a child play this game for 1-2 weeks with their hands on the homerow letters correctly.

Once they have become comfortable with where the letters, cover the hands with a box (cardboard cover) and make them memorize the letter placement. It will take several weeks but kids learn fast (play Ghost Typing)!

5. Typing Race

The Typing Race game is excellent for kids to practice typing. The game is easy, however, it asks players to spell out words. It’s a small step up from learning letter placement and a good transition game for learning to type words.

This game can start with kids who are looking at their fingers, then as they become better at the game, the hands can be covered to make memorization a priority.

I believe this game is best suited for boys because they can choose their own can and they get to drive, however, girls might like it as well.

The concept of the game is easy to learn and an effective learning tool. Don’t forget to be consistent with practice. The game keeps track of accuracy, words per minute (wpm) and a score (Typing Race game)!

6. Type Em Up

This typing game for children is fun and easy. Like others on our list, it focuses on typing individual letters and not words. It is for beginners, both young and old.

In the game, you shoot the letters as they come toward you. Some of the letters even shoot back and you can avoid them by moving up or down. Each right letter shoots and destroys the letter.

The game keeps statistics for accuracy and consecutive correct letters. It also has a score. There are difficulty levels so you can choose the speed of the letter (try Type Em Up here).

7. Alphattack

This is another easy game, aimed at mastering letters on the keyboard. There are various levels so you can start your child at the easies level and slowly build to more difficult levels.

The typing game is a bit dramatic with bombs dropping from the sky, but it might be entertaining for boys.

I like that this game allows customization, where you can choose the letters to focus on. This is idea for letters that your child has problems learning (or reaching on the keyboard)(play Alphattack).

8. Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing is an interesting typing game for kids. It’s from the British Broadcasting Network (yes, the BBC). It’s more of a story book typing game.

What I like about this game is that it starts at the beginning and explains where to put your fingers on the home keys. It will help get new typers comfortable with hand placement on the keyboard.

If you have a child just starting to type, this game should be the first to play, then more fun games could follow (play Dance Mat).

9. Super Hyper Spider Typer

Super Hyper Sypider Typer is a long name for a game, but it’s easy and straightforward. The goal in this game is to get rid of the chameleons that are trying to eat the spider.

Each chameleon has a word associated with it. Spell the word and the chameleon disappears (but a new one will appear). If the chameleon gets too close it will be within eating range of the spider.

This game is perfect for when kids are comfortable with the location of each key. There are several levels, so kids can slowly build up from the easier levels to more challenging levels.

Practicing typing using this game will definitely help your child’s skills over time. Allocate 10 minutes per day for a few weeks and your child will improve (check out Hyper Spider)!

10. Typing Adventure

This is another game by “Slimekids” and it’s very basic. In the game, you are the adventurer and you must jump to each letter. In order to jump you must type the correct letter (shown).

Once you complete all the jumps you will arrive at the treasure chest and proceed to the next level.

For most kids, this game will become boring quickly. I suggest only playing this game a few times before trying another game on the list. It will help with letter placement on the keyboard but won’t help with words or writing (play Typing Adventure).

11. Typing Tidepool

This is another word-based game from “Slimekids”. I like it because the game involves competition and words (not just letters).

Once your child becomes familiar with the keyboard, try this game. The levels are very easy so it’s not overly competitive. However, the game keeps players engaged. Words are relatively short and a great way to memorize hand placement on the keyboard.

After a week of playing this game, cover your child’s hands with a cardboard box and they are forced to use their memory!  There aren’t multiple levels, but the swimming races are longer or shorter – the player’s choice (try Typing Tidepool).

12. Typing Racer

Typing racer is a challenging typing game for children and beginner typers who have a good handle of the keyboard. The aim of the game is to move forward by typing short words, however, you must also avoid cars in front of you.

To pass a vehicle, you must type the word in another lane and your vehicle will avoid them.

This game is another option for kids and adults who have mastered some of the more basic games on our list. If your child is just beginning to type, try another game and move up to this option (try Typing Racer here).

13. Typing Attack

Typing Attack is by far my favorite game to learn typing. There are a few reasons I like this game.

First, it uses dramatic music, making the game more intense that it would be otherwise. Second, there are levels of difficulty and all are challenging. I’m a good typer and found the expert level to be a fun challenge!

Typing Attack uses a battle approach to the game. You are a stationary vessel with incoming spaceships.

Some spaceships have short words and you must type the word to destroy the vessel. Longer words are connected to larger spacecraft and they can do more damage to you (play the game here).

Once your child masters the letters on the keyboard, they can begin writing simple words. This is a good typing game for kids.

14. Keyboard Builder

Keyboard Builder is a kids typing game that is easy to understand. It’s most effective for getting children comfortable using the keyboard.

If you want your child to practice their hand placement and learn to write the correct letters, this game will help them learn the keyboard.

One thing I don’t like about the game is its lack of words. Instead of typing words, the game uses random letters from the keyboard. However, don’t let this discourage your kids from playing the game. It will teach typing and kids can transition to more challenging games later (play Keyboard builder).

15. Key Tower

Key Tower is a fun beginner game and it’s easy to learn. In the short time I played the game I saw its benefit for learning the keyboard and developed some hand-eye coordination.

The goal of the game is to stack crates on top of another. It’s harder than it appears because the crates are swinging and you must type the letter at the right time.

This game is perfect for kids and anyone learning to use the keyboard. Put your hands in the correct position and start memorizing the letters.

Make the game more challenging by covering your hands with a cardboard box. 10 minutes a day can go a long way to becoming a proficient typed (play the game here).


If you’re looking for free typing games for kids, you came to the right place. There are several programs you can buy, but it’s not necessary because there are so many free resources available.

Learning to type is important for all ages, however, it’s essential for kids. They earlier they learn, the more it will help them with school and when they get older it will help with their career.

When kids learn how to type it also helps with cognitive development and hand-eye coordination. There are so many benefits. Think of typing as a language to become fluent in – it takes time to learn, but once you learn the skill it becomes easy.

The 15 kids typing games that we mentioned are perfect for young kids. The easiest on the list help with hand placement on the keyboard and teach individual letters.

The more challenging games on this list use words that must be spelled correctly.

Have your child try a few of the games on our list and slowly build typing competency. Once they have mastered the basics, cover their hands and work on memory! Games make learning fun no matter the age.